STCT Profile

STCT Profile


STCT is an accredited laboratory of China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS) and United States Consumer Product Safety Commission(CPSC). The test reports issued by STCT are internationally recognized. STCT also has passed certification of China Metrology Accreditation (CMA), and it can issue proof data and reports to society.

STCT acts on the core concept of “Justice, Scientific, Rapidity” and the quality management services "Efficient, Professional, Excellence". STCT will assist the customer to enhance overall competitiveness with all our strength:

● Ensure the product comply with various regulations and standards, enter the domestic and international markets smoothly.

● Effectively avoid complaints, return, recall and claim due to violation of the regulations.

● Set up perfect quality management system, control the quality from the source.

● Ensure products to be consistently maintain a high quality, protect the brand reputation and promote brand value.

● Provide the most competitive turnaround time, obtain more time to produce.

● Reduce testing costs, with a better cost advantage.

● Assess whether the discharge of waste water, exhaust gas and noise from the factory is in compliance with environmental regulations. Avoid operating risks from violating environmental laws and regulations.

Service Commitment

Service Commitment


STCT attaches great importance to establishing the cooperative partnership with customers based on mutual trust and common development. We promise to supply customers with excellent, effective, just, scientific and authentic testing service.

1. Warm, friendly service, be polite to our customers; response rapidly and strive to exceed customer expectations.

2. Operate efficiently to supply the most competitive time cost.

3. Deal with all the questions and complains unconditionally and response to them in two working days.

4. Be responsible for customers, help customers solve problems sincerely and attentively.

5. Stick to the professional conduct, guarantee the justice, honesty and independence of testing work and ensure the protection of customers' confidential information and proprietary rights.

6. Follow up ISO / IEC 17025 management system strictly to ensure the accuracy of  each test report.

7. Improve the effectiveness of the quality management system and continue to improve the quality of service.

No.886, Tong Long 2ndRoad, Torch Hi-Tech District, Xiang'an Industrial District, Xiamen, China
Tel: 0086 592-26319372631925 2631940 7201068


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